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SEAYOOL, based in London, majored in traditional music in Korea, and now pursues more independent and alternative music through his works.

PYRIDOXINE is a musical performance that expresses dissatisfaction and ridicule about the vested rights and hierarchical order of the Korean traditional music industry in the process of critical questioning and exploration of Korean traditional music through installation art, theatre, and improvisational music. 

Look : Sanjo is a work composed of questions and reinterpretations with motion graphics, street dance, and electronic music. 

[Island : Island], directly composed and directed by SEAYOOL, presents the “Jeju 4・3” event placed within the sad modern history of Korea. This is performed with contemporary dance, video art, installation art, and music. PYRIDOXINE, Look:Sanjo, [Island:Island] and 4 3 are his representative works.

With constant curiosity about adjacent arts other than music, he tries to expand his thinking and sense through collaboration with various works such as contemporary dance, theater, and contemporary art.