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Through the process of translating contemporary sensations into auditory experiences, SEAYOOL enables audiences a chance to perceive the zeitgeist through music.

A composer, music director, and innovative piri (Korean Traditional Bamboo Instrument) performer, SEAYOOL creates sensory compositions that carve out his unique artistic world. His work explores the theme of “how we perceive,” presented in settings ranging from fully improvised solo, to fully scored suite for string quartet.

SEAYOOL’s 45-minute improvisational performance <Pyridoxine>, which repeatedly constructs and deconstructs musical elements, makes for a perfect introduction to this unique artistic voice.

Following this, SEAYOOL delves into “scoring the senses” through <Island: Island>, a performance combining music and installation art that he developed during a four-month residency on Jeju Island (Southwest island of Korea, Jeju is famed for exotic beauty, yet scarred by unresolved genocide ‘Jeju 4.3’ from the aftermath of the Korean War.)

The musical result of this creative experiment was transformed into his score for string quartet and piri, resulting in the premiere of <Suite for Jeju No.1>. 

SEAYOOL’s work has since evolved to include <Data Scoring>, which visualizes real time sensory data using brainwaves to drive visual projections.


SEAYOOL Skillfully manipulates a traditional instrument with a narrow vocal range, capable of producing only about one and half an octave of sound, employing various techniques to traverse a range close to three octaves.” – Woongkie Kim(Opsis Art)

To escape the fixation and obsession with tradition and Korean identity deeply embedded in traditional Korean music, SEAYOOL abstracted and universalized oneself, thereby transcending all artistic boundaries.” – Woongkie Kim(Opsis Art)


composer, music director, and innovative piri performer